Message from the 学校的负责人

From the very first moment that I stepped onto Canterbury’s campus, I was awed by the profound sense of family that permeates every aspect of the community here. 正规网赌软件下载学院 is, at its very core, a place where students are known, cared for, and loved. The teaching faculty in all four divisions of the school are dynamic educators who place our students at the center of all they do. Their dedication to the craft of teaching, 对学生的爱, and expert knowledge are what truly distinguishes Canterbury as a school.

When the founders of Canterbury congregated in 1977 to establish a school for their children, they envisioned an institution that would provide an excellent education in academics, 艺术, 和品德. Dedicated to the principle of “Integrity in all things” and grounded in the Christian principles of love, 善良, 同情, 和宽恕, Canterbury has served as a true alma mater for students in 韦恩堡 and Northeast Indiana for over forty years. The school carries with it a tradition of excellence that resonates within the local community, 印第安纳州, and the entire Midwest.

的座右铭 艺术家. 运动员. 学者. encapsulates Canterbury’s holistic approach to educating young people. 从小时候起, students are taught to explore, 创建, and value 艺术 as a core element of the curriculum. 正规网赌软件下载, students are encouraged to view sport as an intrinsic good and to rejoice in the values that athletics can teach: perseverance, 面对逆境, 团队合作, and a striving to constantly improve. 最后, our students work to become true scholars, learning that knowledge and critical thinking are the worthy pursuits of a lifetime.

From our youngest two-year-old Cavaliers to the members of our senior class, the Canterbury educational experience not only prepares students for college, but also for a life of purpose, 激情, 和意义. I encourage you to schedule a tour and visit the school. I promise you will be inspired by what you see, just as I have been.



艺术家. 运动员. 学者.

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